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"யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர்- Kaniyan Pungundranar" Which means "I am a world citizen, every citizen is my own kith and kin".

Hello, I am Naveenkumar J from Vellore, Tamil Nadu. I am a fourth-year student studying M.Tech Software Engineering at VIT University, Vellore Campus.I am so passionate about software engineering and web development.

My journey to VIT:

I finished my schoolings as a first rank holder in a Government Rural school around my village(POIGAI) and got admission at VIT in Star Scheme, thanks to the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, and VIT Management, giving me a wonderful learning opportunity at a world-class university.

JAVA programmer & Web Developer

I became fascinated by the ability, a Software Engineer has to be imaginative, artistic, and technical while developing a product that benefits and inspires others.

  • Name : Naveenkumar J
  • Age : 20
  • Degree : M.Tech Software Engineering
  • Known languages: தமிழ், English
  • Interested Domains: Web Development,AI,Cloud Computing, Data Analytics
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Address: Vellore, TamilNadu
  • Mail: naveenkumar.j395@gmail.com

My passion for software engineering

I got my first computer interaction with internet experience is in Problem Solving and Programming lab sessions(First Semester) where I have tried my first program, print("Hello world") in python. As a Beginner, executing the program, I felt something new in my tech-Knowledge. Since then I have always been deeply interested in computer science. I can always remember the feeling of wanting to know just how computers work, why they work, and what else they could do. This interest never left me, only growing more profound and passionate with every new discovery I made. From communicating with artificial intelligence to seeing the wonders of the Internet for the first time, computers and technology have left me fascinated with just how much power yet mystery they hold.


A programming language is a computer language that is used by programmers to communicate with computers.

Lists of computer languages I can speak:


Tools and Technologies I am used to



Naveenkumar J

Self-motivated individual with a high energy personality and a positive attitude. Seeking an entry-level position to begin my career in a professional environment. A creative thinker, involved in front-end development, java programming looking for a career and challenging role in a reputable organization to utilize my skills for the growth of the organization as well as to enhance my knowledge about new and emerging trends in the technology sector.

  • Vellore,Tamil Nadu, India
  • naveenkumar.j395@gmail.com


Integrated M.Tech (Software Engineering)

2018- 2023 Present

Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, INDIA

I am a passionate fourth-year student currently studying software engineering at the Vellore Institute of Technology on the Vellore campus in India.

Intermediate Education(HSC) - School First

2016 - 2018

    Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Poigai

  • I secured 89.3% in my HSC and I secured school first. I studied in Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Poigai, Vellore district, Tamil Nadu.
  • I got Kamaraj Award in the year 2018 from the Government of Tamil Nadu for securing good marks in SSLC and HSC. Kamaraj Award is awarded to celebrate 'Educational Development Day'(CM.K.Kamaraj's Birthday) in Tamilnadu.

High studies(SSLC) - School First

2011 - 2016

Government High school, Elavambadi

  • I secured 95.2% in my SSLC and I secured school first. I studied in Government Hight School, Elavamabadi, Vellore district, Tamil Nadu.
  • Professional Certifications

    IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate

    2021 - Present

    Platfrom : Coursera

      IBM applied AI is professional Certifications offered by IBM on coursera platform.

    • I learned definition of AI, its applications and use cases, and explain terms like machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks
    • I have Build AI chatbot (Floernce) using IBM Watson Assistant in the IBM cloud and deployed the bot on a wordpress site.

    AWS Certified Cloud practitioner

    2021- July

    Platform : AWS Academy

      This is a cloud certification for individuals who want to develop a fundamental understanding of the AWS Cloud, it explores AWS Cloud concepts, core AWS services, security, architecture, pricing, and support to build AWS Cloud knowledge. Topics I have learned from the course:

    • Core AWS services, including compute, network, databases, and storage.
    • AWS Cloud costs, economics, and billing practices.
    • The AWS shared responsibility model
    • Security best practices and AWS services for common use cases

    Professional English Type Writer

    2016 - 2017

    Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India.

    • I have completed the "JUNIOR GRADE" TypeWriting English 30 words per Minute in First class with distinction at the Government Technical Examinations in Commerce Subjects held in February 2017.
    • I have completed the "SENIOR GRADE" TypeWriting English 45 words per Minute in First class with distinction at the Government Technical Examinations in Commerce Subjects held in August 2017.


    "People don't care about what you say, they care about what you build." - Mark Zuckerberg.

    One of my favorite quotes. Just studying the software Engineering principles won't make a good programmer, so I started to build things where I can apply my theoretical knowledge into practice.

    Have a detailed view of my works listed below :

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    • Online Courses
    • Websites
    • College Projects


    "Softskills are more to do with who we are than what we know"- Marcel M. Robles, Business Communcations Quarterly.

    skills are personal attributes that influence how well you can work or interact with others. These skills make it easier to form relationships with people, create trust and dependability, and lead teams. Throughout my Softskill sessions at VIT, I developed and improved my soft skills. Here I listed down my sofskills.

    Quick learner

    When learning something new from any formal or informal learning session, I strive to be receptive and apply the knowledge right away to quickly adapt to it.I can learn quickly regardless of the platform I am taught in, whether digital or physical.

    Team player

    I’ve found that the best engineers are the ones who can work as a team. A highly adaptable, flexible learner who embraces teamwork, but also enjoys working independently. I enjoy working in a team environment, and I get along well with people.


    A proactive approach is much better than a reactive one in terms of budget, spending time and other aspects.I try to motivate and drive myself to always get things done before the stipulated deadline. It helps me manage professional relationships much easier.

    Highly Motivated Person

    The only motivation a person needs is in their Mindset. There is no amount of external motivation that can move someone to do something. That is why I focus on internal motivation, which helps me accomplish tasks efficiently.

    Communication Skills

    Through my education and life Experience, I have developed strong communication skills, and I’m able to clearly convey points to different audiences. I’m also a good listener which aids in my ability to intimately understand a situation and prepare an appropriate response.


    I would definitely say I am someone who can easily adapt to different work environments. I could more easily adjust to each new environment. Getting to know each work environment's culture and processes was also an important part of adapting.

    About my Instagram Page

    "Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think" - Steve Jobs

    I have started the Instagram page (eagle_programming) August 12, 2021, intending to teach students about programming concepts on Instagram. I aim to share the knowledge which I have learned in programming. I want my followers to gain some valuable programming knowledge from my post, which is why I have created a open communication channel throughout each post. You can always have a conversation to me in this Instagram Page.

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    People don't care so much about what I say about myself and my programming content on Instagram, but they do care what my Followers are saying.

    Take a look at what my Instagram followers are saying about my programming content.

    I am Ajay Aadhav studying M.Tech software Engineering in VIT Vellore campus. I learned so many programming concepts from this eagle_programming Instagram page, especially the MCQ's helped me a lot to improve my programming skills.

    Ajay Aadhav , VITian

    Instagram Follower

    Excellent content I see on your Instagram page. Every developer or programmer need Quizes and challenges to brush up their skills while learning and you provide best quiz. I really like your content as a developer.

    Programmer Media

    @ProgrammerMedia Instagram Admin

    eagle_programming Instagram Page is good with content for programmers because we need to be in Check with programming and most of us won't be seeing daily 😂 and your page helps to refresh all the topics..


    Instagram Follower

    I am improving my programming knowledge through following this Instagram page. As a final year student its very useful for me. Thanks for this @eagleprogramming. It helped me a lot . .

    Pranitha, VITian

    Instagram Follower

    eagle_programming quizzes are uploaded everyday which means new challenges for us programmers are uploaded everyday . I go through his quizzes everyday and learn something new. They show new type of methods which personally help me a lot.


    @programmingfella Instagram Admin


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